Saturday, January 8, 2011


Again my copy of the revised edition of American Patriot’s Almanac has sprung forth with some well reasoned advice. I suspect that few, if any, will remember any details of Connecticut Patriot Israel Putnam, who fought in numerous successful battles of the American Revolution.

You will, however, recognize some legendary words attributed to him. Putnam was commanding troops at Bunker's Hill where he is reported to have said, “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!”

What I found most profound is the inscription on Putnam’s Brooklyn, Connecticut monument.

"Patriot, remember the heritages received from your forefathers and predecessors. Protect and Perpetuate them for future generations of your countrymen."

I find it to be most interesting that it takes many years of life experiences to appreciate the accuracy of Putnam’s monument inscription. Your Commander wonders if our lives would be richer had we learned just how significant those words could be to the quality of life. I suspect that it takes the richness of many years of life’s experiences to appreciate Putnam’s wisdom, just as it takes years for the maturing of a fine wine.


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