Saturday, January 8, 2011


This book review will also include my first impressions of the Amazon Kindle electronic reader.

As the recipient of a wonderful Kindle book reader, I could not wait to load a book and commence the new electronic reading experience. Personally, I believe that the Kindle and similar products will totally revolutionize the book publishing industry.

First, it is cheaper to purchase a down-load than buying the hard-copy. Second, it will reduce the pile of books that one accumulates on the book shelf. The Kindle holds up to 1500 books! Third, and most important, is the fact that it is easier and lighter to hold a Kindle than a hard-cover book, and the visual clarity is excellent. You can even increase the size of the print and to someone my age that is a real plus!

The Kindle is a HIT as far as your Commander is concerned!

The first book down-loaded to my Kindle was Brad Thor’s newest tome, The Athena Team. It is another first-rate action/adventure thriller. Surprisingly, Thor’s long famous lead character, Scot Harvath, only carries a small role in this story.

The lead characters are The Athena Team consisting of an all-female civilian cast of highly trained agents of the American government stationed out of Ft. Bragg, N.C. The story carries the ladies all over the world chasing evil villains who are trying to destroy America with a devastating secret weapon that was first developed, but not perfected, by German scientists during the closing days of World War II.

The team and numerous fellow agents cover locations from the Balkans to the jungles of South America, and Denver, Colorado. Of course the team survives and saves the world, but your attention is held until the closing pages. This book may just expand the audience for Thor’s work with the female segment of potential readers.

Happy reading, and remember to consider a Kindle in your future, because it will save you a bundle over the years and enhance your reading enjoyment. Thank you, Sandy and Joe.


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