Friday, January 21, 2011


With each passing day I keep asking myself why aren’t we resolving our dependence on foreign oil resources when we have an abundant supply right here in the good old USA? I know I have written about this before but let me explain my further frustration.

Our country continues to suffer significantly with staggering high levels of unemployment. The number is now just under 10%, but in pockets of the country it is alarmingly above that level and within certain demographic segments it can be as high as 25%. Those levels bring unsustainable pressures upon local, state and federal governments to support the unemployed with financial and other assistance.

Why we have these levels of unemployment are numerous and not just caused by the expenditures for two wars, but globalization and increased productivity levels have contributed. China’s growing economy is not the sole cause as some claim.

There are predictions that shortly we will pay over $5.00 for a gallon of gasoline, which will increase food prices, dramatically raise air fares, etc. We have spent billions in support of alternative fuel projects such as corn based petroleum and it has proven to be a very poor alternative resulting in inflated costs for corn based food items and more expensive than oil to produce. It is clear that electric vehicles are coming, but their affordability is way down the road, in fact many years to come.

We are fighting foreign wars and the enemies of this country are being funded by the very countries from which we are paying inflated prices for their oil. I find this counter-productive and just plain foolish business. This action is insanity to say the least.

With vast oil resources within the boundaries of the USA, why don’t we immediately permit oil exploration and stop paying OPEC and countries that sponsor our enemies and kill our precious young soldiers on a daily basis? We can explore and produce our own oil safely along our coasts, in Alaska and within the continental confines such as Montana, North and South Dakota where vast resources exist. Our total economy cannot and should not be held hostage by environmental special interests, and anti-American governments.

If our government was to announce tomorrow that we are moving forward aggressively to develop our own oil production, we would send a signal to the forces of evil and our supposed friends in the Middle East that our dependency on their oil supply is over. While both Russia and China’s growing need for oil will off-set some of the lost business, our action will dramatically reduce their oil revenue quickly.

At the same time we must work hard to develop an acceptable alternative to oil as our primary energy resource, but until that time comes we must stop feeding our precious dollars to our real enemies. If we move aggressively we will create jobs here in America immediately. We will generate new tax revenues to assist our growing debt, immediately reduce unemployment, and most importantly we will send a signal to the Middle East and OPEC that their monopoly days have come to an end. Ultimately America has the ability to stop the out flow of our oil dollars.

Our government leadership seems to not see this as an obvious course of action. It is past time to permit special interests to dominate this issue which causes great economic damage to our country. We must act upon a simple, sound, logical course of action.

Don’t get me wrong, I am basically sympathetic to environmental issues, but some positions are unrealistic. I can accept the risk of an oil spill, the loss of some wildlife, and damage to some trees, etc. if we stop the loss of the precious lives of our brave American troops fighting in foreign lands who oppose our presence. America has the ability to be environmentally responsible and still produce our vital domestic oil resources in beneficial ways enhancing American economic interests at the same time.


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