Friday, January 28, 2011


Normally I have a wonderful full night of sleep, but last night was an exception. Somewhere around 3AM I found myself wide awake and my mind started thinking about President Barack Obama’s recent State of The Union address. Something did not mesh when it came to his words and his actions.

During the speech Obama took a lot of time to stress America’s need to economize and address our growing national debt crisis, and then he talked about our need to spend substantial sums of money developing high-speed rail. Both of those parts of his speech drew applause from the assembled political practioniers.

Then, after all of Obama’s glowing words about America’s need to economize and win in the coming years, he jumped on Air Force One again and flew off to Green Bay, Wisconsin to give yet another speech to factory workers supposedly building “green” products.

Acknowledging that I am not a fan of Obama’s game, I ask the question, how did his call to economize vanish so quickly? Was the cost of that trip necessary the very day after his State of the Union address? Every time Obama jumps on Air Force One we are talking about the expenditure of hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention leaving a huge carbon footprint that he claims everyone else should largely reduce immediately. How about practing what he preaches?

Then I thought about the speech’s disconnect between Obama’s call for high-speed rail and the fact that our government has been pumping endless sums of money into Amtrak for years and we have nothing but red ink to show for the effort. Thus would Obama’s high-speed rail not represent more red-ink and negatively impact our economy? I see this plan benefiting his east and west coast liberal base on the backs of those of us who reside in fly-over country.

While our country hemorrhages millions daily, is it necessary for Obama to fly off to three South American countries this spring? What will that trip cost American taxpayers? I wonder what the cost/benefit analysis is on this announced trip.

As I continued to toss and turn, I also asked myself why our President doesn’t eliminate those thirty-some Czar’s, who are making huge salaries on the backs of hard working American taxpayers. Why can’t their jobs be performed by the Secretaries and staffs of the various Cabinet departments? Talk about Big Government waste!

Then my sleepless mind went on to wonder why the American public is not questioning of the size of First Lady Michelle Obama’s bloated support staff, which I understand numbers more than twenty well paid minions. Compared to previous administrations, Michelle has fawning handlers similar to the old days of Imperial Courts in Europe. Talk about aloof elitist arrogant waste!

Finally about 6AM I fell into a deep but troubled sleep, and did not waken until 9AM, which screwed up my entire day. Personally, I need to get better nights of sleep, but more importantly America needs to have leadership that does not consider themselves immune from the problems of fellow Americans. Our current President operates like an Emperor who functions and callously provides an obvious appearance that what is good for the people is totally different from what is appropriate for their leaders.

Words that floated through my mind last night were cunning, devious, elitist, aloof, privileged, imperial, and pre-programmed. Why do I not believe what our President tells us? In a democracy we should not be talked down to, but inspired by benevolent leadership. My president’s words do not match his actions.


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