Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I surprised myself! I completed reading Tom Clancy and Grant Blackwood’s Dead Or Alive in record time for a novel of its length. Surprisingly, it only took nine days to read all 950 pages of this action packed thriller; once I started it was difficult to put the heavy weight book down. All things considered I normally do not read an average of 100 pages per day, so that in itself is a good endorsement for this book.

As a matter of fact, last evening I found myself with 150 pages to go. I stayed up very late to find out just how the authors were going to bring this complicated multi-character adventure to a successful conclusion. Sometimes I thought the story became a bit heavy on minutia, but in the long-run it really did add to the depth of the characters and the entire reading journey.

As with most good action thrillers, the good guys won and the very evil terrorists were brought to a satisfactory conclusion – DEAD.


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