Sunday, January 2, 2011


Your Commander was troubled when I read an on-line edition of the New York Times over the holidays, especially by the liberal tone and partisan attribution to the cause of the massive debt obligations facing many State governments. The Times is quick to blame the lame-duck Congress for passing tax extensions to the wealthy, but ignores the root causes of the debt.

Take a few minutes and read the Editorial, and see for yourself. Most disturbing is the extent and size of the debt.

As I read this Editorial it seems to me that the cause of the problem is the repeated failure by both the federal and state governments over a long period of years appropriating funds that could not be sustained in the long run. Note that the Times clearly states that the federal government must step in to solve this problem, but didn’t the states create the problem by giving out more than they could logically support?

Why is it that some states do not have fiscal problems? The answer is simply good government with legislators who act fiscally responsible. Don’t you find it interesting that our government officials all leave office with fat pensions and perks, but the citizens of the states are left holding the bag to pay off the debt obligations with increased taxation? Who is responsible and accountable? We the voters are to blame for permitting this unsustainable disaster to occur and it is we the taxpayers who will have to pay for the elected officials’ malfeasance.


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