Thursday, January 6, 2011


Recently I was scanning the internet and ran across a sad article on The Hollywood Reporter website. THR is an entertainment publication that has been around for a long time, and it is hanging on by its finger tips as the electronic toys revolutionize our communications world.

The headline that caught my attention was “KEITH OLBERMANN TWITTER RANT: “FOX NEWS IS 100% BULL—T”. Well that peeked my interest and I read further. Apparently Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly have been going back and forth insulting one another and in the entertainment world that’s “news”. Unfortunately comments of that nature get the attention of the national media too often, and fools react to them; this time I was one.

For the record, I consider Keith Olbermann to be a total opportunist JERK. I believe him detrimental to television and he should be totally ignored, but I fell into his trap. I responded to the Hollywood Reporter article by making the following comment on their website.

“After 40 plus years in TV station management I am glad to be retired, because I am ashamed of the product being distributed today. Olbermann is an utter fool, but he has conned his management into thinking he is valuable. O’Reilly is a smart opportunist, but neither adds to the product in the long term. TV today is destroying their product with over-commercialism and will slowly drive their audience to some other electronic toy.

Olbermann will do anything to get his face in front of a camera, but I will not be looking at his line of self-serving crap. He is a waste of valuable time on a once valuable educational, entertainment and important communications vehicle. I find it sad that jerks like Olbermann rule in the TV world today, but just wait and he will put his bitter mouth in the wrong place someday and he will get what he deserves…fired and ignored.”

Now to be honest…why did I waste my time to respond? I accomplished absolutely nothing by commenting, but I did vent my frustrations.

O’Reilly is riding a hot hand, but the day will come when he, too, and Fox will fall out of favor. Olbermann is a poor excuse for a Sportscaster or Newscaster, and he almost single-handedly destroyed NBC’s Sunday Night Football before Dick Ebersol, Chairman of NBC Universal Sports and Olympics, took him off the show. Loud mouths such as Olbermann should be ignored and shunned, but that is just one old goats opinion. If you agree fine, and if you do not then that is your opinion, which you have a perfect right to express.


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Steve said...

It's amazing to me that Olbermann thinks Fox is biased, and that he and Chris Mathews think they are God's gift to news. Both are embarrassing to watch, at least for me. The latest ratings for cable news shows that 3 times more people watch Fox than MSNBC (O'Reilly vs. Oblbermann).

When liberals feel they are getting beat by popular measures, they tend to attack in a rather disguting way...