Monday, January 17, 2011


Recently I wrote about the anticipation of $5.00 per gallon gasoline. I recently came across a shocking article in the Chicago Sun-Times stating the fact that the hourly parking rate in downtown Chicago has jumped to $5.00 per hour. To get the full details of this latest increase to citizens and visitors click:

Just imagine if you lived or were visiting Chicago and had to park in the downtown area. If you parked for eight hours it would cost $40.00 per day and you would have to run to the meter every hour. If you then parked for the same time all week you would spend $200.00 and run to the meter hourly, and if you parked each weekday for one year the cost would be a staggering $10,400 with the hourly trip to the meter.

Obviously, most people would seek other parking alternatives, but just how far can the envelope be pushed by the company who bought the parking meter lease from the City? The meter rate is reported to increase to $6.50 per hour by 2013. The parking lot owners must be licking their chops because they will likely impose sizeable daily and monthly rates at their downtown locations.

My daughter tells me that parking at the Museum of Science and Industry on the city’s south side is now $18.00 per day. With costs rising at this rate it is apparent that I will continue to enjoy my days at home reading, because politicians cannot charge me for that pleasure…YET!

Apparently Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, who is not running for re-election, decided to get out of office while the getting was good. The little guy just cannot afford to support an Administration that lives well and abuses the little guy time and time again. Chicago requires all city employees, police, firemen, teachers, etc. to live in the city.

Now the Illinois State Legislature has passed a 67% increase in the State Income Tax up to 5% in an effort to at least delay Illinois’s anticipated bankruptcy. The corporate income tax has also jumped up 45%. Apparently no one is considering the fact that there will be massive departures by Illinois residents, and some corporations to avoid this unrealistic taxation increase. Again Illinois residents are expected to cover the errors and neglect of previous administrations with another bail-out of their politicians.

One State legislator suggested that Illinois residents should buy stock in moving van companies, because their business should grow dramatically. Already, before the tax increase has taken effect, it is reported that the use of Food Stamps has increased 12.7% from last year, and food pantry usage has grown 60% to 70% since 2007.

The average “Joe on the Street” can only absorb so much taxation abuse. We are all living in times that require great emotional restraint and caution. Pamphleteer Thomas Paine’ words back in 1776 are applicable to the issues facing us in 2011 and I will repeat them again, “THESE ARE THE TIMES THAT TRY MEN’S SOULS”.


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