Sunday, January 16, 2011


This book review is somewhat premature, because I have not finished reading the entire 950 pages of Tom Clancy and Grant Blackwood’s Dead Or Alive. To say that this is a big book is an understatement; because it is the longest book I remember reading with the exception of Webster’s New World Dictionary.

Reading this book will certainly add substantially to the reader’s upper- body strength and I have gone to propping it up on by desk. I find it an easy book to read, since the font size is large, which is easy on older eyes. If you have a Kindle or another electronic reader they may be a good alternative due to the book's size and weight.

The early chapters clearly justify the high ranking the book is receiving on the New York Times bestseller listings. The action/adventure development of a varying cast of intertwined, complex characters is up to the high standards of previous Clancy stories.

Somewhere down the line this year I will probably finish reading Dead Or Alive, and at that point I’ll provide you with my final comments. In the meantime, I am enjoying the action, and the elimination of evil doers who continue to try to destroy the good old USA from locations all over the world.


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