Sunday, November 14, 2010


It makes little difference which political party you support or endorse, it is a fact that when our president has huge problems, the citizens have big problems, too.

Since taking a historic drubbing in the mid-term election, many questions are being addressed in the media as to whether Obama truly understands the depth of the country’s displeasure. It has also been suggested by a somewhat biased right-wing media that Obama’s ego will not permit him to accept any responsibility beyond some lip-service statements. Down deep does he understand his fellow Americans and does he support their interests? Only time will tell.

Your Commander found it very interesting that two very high-profile individuals rendered statements reflecting negatively when it comes to their opinion of our Commander in Chief. It is reported in conservative Townhall. Com by Greg Hengler that Rupert Murdoch relayed a conversation with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg after Bloomberg had played golf with Obama. “He came back and said ‘I never met in my life such an arrogant man’.” Murdoch added his two cents. “Barack Obama might make great speeches but doesn’t get things done and doesn’t listen to anybody.”

As we await the return of the lame-duck Congressional Session there are interesting questions being raised that further indicate the real feeling of the electorate. On fire-brand Bill O’Reilly’s web site he asked the following question, “How will President Obama respond to Tuesday’s election?”

He will tack to the center like Clinton in ’94 - 5%
He is a man of the left and will stay there – 83%
He will move to a more international agenda = 12%
Total votes – 27,354

Interesting results, but O’Reilly is preaching to his own choir, and the results reflect the mood of those 27,354 O’Reilly followers.

My local paper which I frequently refer to as “the trumpet of truth,” AKA The South Bend Tribune, also ran a totally unscientific poll asking this question, “Will Congress and President Obama be able to put aside their differences and improve the economy following Tuesday’s election?”

Over three days the results in this very Democrat, union influenced community were:

Yes – 12%
No – 88%
Total votes 477

Neither poll provides much hope for an improvement in our economy emanating from the White House or the Halls of Congress anytime soon.

I go back to my earlier suggestions that we must get realistic in our political debate and seek some common ground compromises that we all can live with. I feel the Republicans will accomplish little or nothing if they insist on fighting for a total elimination of the Health Care Bill. Some compromise should be reached on tort reform and the sale of insurance across state lines as a starting point, along with the immediate elimination of the need for Form #1099 for expenditures over $600, which will be a huge burden on all businesses.

Your Commander certainly does not like the look of our immediate future when both parties continue to play one-up manship as our debt spirals out of control. Congress could force a 5% cut in all budget line items and it would be a good place to start to get our expenses under control.

There must exist at least a 5% waste in fraud and excessive over-paid staffing in the federal government. Didn’t Obama promise the day after inauguration that his Administration would go over every single line item in the budget? When is he going to deliver on that promise?

Our country and the entire world would be much better off if Obama would park Air Force One in a hangar and get to work in his Oval Office solving our dangerous economic debacle. Unemployed Americans cannot afford to wait while their President plays golf, vacations, and makes overseas visits while they suffer needlessly.


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