Friday, November 5, 2010


(Note: This was written 11/3, but not posted until today.)

Our nation’s attention has been consumed by the recent mid-term election. Buried in the back pages of various news publications are the facts relative to President Barack Obama’s much anticipated November 6th trip to India, Indonesia, Korea, and Japan. I want to be perfectly clear that I believe it is vital to the interests of the United States for our president to travel to these important locations to address a multitude of pressing issues…BUT.

Let me draw your attention to a very informative series of articles in today’s USA Today discussing the details of this trip. Additionally, I have read a series of articles on the internet from sources around the world that provide details relative to the cost of this trip that I find most disturbing, and alarming.

Per the three days in India, where President Obama will be visiting Mumbai and New Delhi, will cost a whopping $200 million per day, or in the neighborhood of $600 million taxpayer dollars. This covers some 3,000 people who will accompany the President. God only knows what the total bill will be for the full eight day journey. The travel to Indonesia, Korea and Japan will represent additional expenses.

According to the trip will include 40 aircraft, and six armored automobiles per leaks to Indian newspapers. The entourage will be the biggest ever in terms of logistics and manpower for any US President.

According to India Today, a huge delegation of American officials and CEO’s of large American corporations will be traveling to India at the same time. Obama will of course travel on Air Force One with his wife and two children.

Your Commander raises the question, “Do you believe it is appropriate for our president to spend roughly $600 million precious American taxpayer dollars on a three day trip to India when our treasury is empty and millions of American’s are without jobs during this economic recession?”

No one is questioning the advisability of the trip, but I certainly believe the number of participants and the scope of this journey is arrogant, inadvisable, and totally unnecessary to accomplish the diplomatic goals for our country.

Arrogance rules this president’s administration, and someone or something must get that point across to him and his handlers. This country is hurting economically and this brazen display of excess is just what has caused our country to be looked upon by our friends and enemies around the world as UGLY AMERICANS.

I find this display of arrogance to be beyond the pale, and the use of the word CHUTZPAH to be most appropriate.


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