Monday, November 15, 2010


If you were ever interested in seeing a clear example of editorial bias then I draw your attention to the editorial in today’s New York Times Opinion Page. Take a look for yourself:

Even the most liberal voices must admit that the positions supported by the New York Times are extreme and open the door for a dangerous open-borders agenda. As an advocate of reasonable Immigration Reform, there must be a more common-sense approach to resolving an issue currently tearing our country apart and costing American taxpayers an unacceptable and unnecessary financial price.

The New York Times editorial does little or nothing to solve this politically disruptive issue, but it does cause the lines to be drawn firmer on both sides of the debate. Apparently, there is only one way to resolve the immigration debate; accept the New York Times opinion and liberal concepts. I pray that God and centrist fellow citizens will protect us all from such a myopic focus and financial burden as our Founding Fathers’ guidance accomplished so magnificently in 1776.


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