Friday, November 26, 2010


The truth has finally seeped out after almost ten years of deceit and personal gain for former Vice-President Al Gore. Most interesting is the fact that the main-stream media has been almost totally silent on Gore’s recent mea culpa for his support on corn based ethanol.

Take a couple of minutes to read the link below from

Does it surprise anyone that a politician of Gore’s ilk would promote a commercial venture in hopes of attracting votes from farmers in his native Tennessee and from farm voters in Iowa in support of his Presidential bid? After the government granted $7.7 billion last year in subsidies for bio-fuel, Gore has switched his pitch away from a corn based venture to farm waste and switchgrass to produce the fuel. Gore now upon reflection says, “Energy conversion ratios – how much energy is produced in the process – are at best small.”

As a result of Gore’s original endorsement and promotion, the American economy experienced a huge increase in the price of corn that negatively impacted the price of a vast array of corn based bi-products and feed. After making a personal fortune as “Mr. Green” and “Mr. Climate Change”, Gore now admits, “It is not a good policy to have these massive subsidies for first-generation ethanol.” Thanks Al!

Gore’s contention that Congress will not pass a Clean Energy Bill or climate legislation because Republicans will be the majority in the House is total crap. They won’t pass, because charlatans such as Gore have misled our economy and projects that benefited them financially, politically, and misled our government and financial system into faulty expenditures. The Midwest has many closed bio-fuel facilities that resulted in massive loss of investment dollars, because Gore was wrong and was deceptively promoting his self-interests.

Where is the main-stream media like the New York Times or the Washington Post coverage of this tardy mea culpa? It is time for Gore to go home to his energy sucking mansion in Tennessee and shut up as he strokes his unwarranted 2007 Noble Peace prize medal. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to expose a phony politician.


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