Thursday, November 11, 2010


Your Commander finds it interesting to note that on this important date that salutes our veterans, we are also commencing a highly emotionally charged debate from the Obama appointed bi-partisan Deficit Panel’s initial suggestions to solve our numerous economic shortfall issues. Having read two very informative articles this morning in the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal it is apparent that there are already very loud voices attacking the first announcements of the plan before the full committee report is released.

Take a few minutes and read the links below:

Certainly there are specific points that do not sound appropriate or necessary to me, but let me suggest that we keep our powder dry and await the release of the full report. Obviously, we have great need for dramatic action and considering the depth of the problem we all must recognize that the necessary medicine will not deliver a satisfying taste. The remedy to this devastating economic condition will be substantial and we will all be impacted for decades to come.

We can only hope that our legislators put aside political differences and act in good faith for the long term benefit of the people.

We, the voters, and our elected leaders have kicked the proverbial can down the road for far too long a period of time, and now we and our children and their children will pay a heavy price for the imprudent actions of the last twenty-five or so years. We cannot run our households like the government has been running our economy without paying the piper in the long-run. Your Commander does not like the diagnosis any better than you do, but we cannot disagree with the need for prompt corrective action.

If our great democracy and the American way of life are to prevail, we must pay the price to fix it just as our Founding Fathers boldly did when they created this wondrous place called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We must collectively act courageously, aggressively and responsibly for our future generations.


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