Saturday, November 27, 2010


Your Commander posted thoughts just the other day about Al Gore’s reversal of his widely promoted concepts for corn based ethanol. There is another important article on the same subject in today’s on-line Wall Street Journal. I was delighted to see a highly recognized media outlet reporting this story; Gore needs to be exposed for his past errors, complicity, and whoring for votes.

Suffice it to say another duplicitous politician has been exposed for what he really is and represents. This is a story of significance outlining Gore’s total lack of conscience and his loss of credibility. Remember, he served 1977-85 (12 years) as a Congressman (TN-D), one term (6 years) as Senator (TN-D), and eight years as Vice President to Clinton…the so-called one breath away from the president position. He then lost in the 2000 race for president to George W. Bush.

What would the Gore years have been like had he won the electoral vote for the Presidency of the United States; especially in light of his recent admission. One can only wonder.

We should consider ourselves most fortunate that Gore has finally exposed himself for his true motivations, which are simply self-promotion and self-adulation. This is most unusual and one can only wonder what his next step might be.

Al and his wife of 40 years Tipper filed for divorce earlier this year around rumors of him having an affair with Larry David’s ex-wife. Perhaps Tipper was finally fed up with everything about him!


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