Sunday, January 31, 2010


While reading the on-line edition of the Chicago Sun-Times this morning I was shocked when I read a small article announcing the fact that “Iraq seals deal with Russia’s Lukoil-led group.” Before my liberal critics accuse me of supporting America’s intervention into Iraq as purely aimed at securing their oil reserves, I’m afraid you are totally misinformed.

After the loss of thousands of young American lives and the expenditure of many billions of our dollars to free this country of a dangerous, murderous dictator and his henchmen, we have now been slapped in the face by this recent business agreement. I would not be disturbed had the transaction been granted to some other entity, but for Iraq to award it to a country that is overtly trying to corner the oil market I see this as an obvious hostile action.

As the article states, “Russia’s private oil giant Lukoil and partner Statol ASA of Norway have signed a final deal with Iraq to develop one of its biggest oil fields.” This deal extends for twenty years and has the option to extend it another five years at a rate of $1.15 per barrel produced.

Your Commander’s reaction to this deal is THANKS FOR NOTHING, Iraq. We should have let those oil fields that Saddam Hussein set on fire continue to burn, and drilled domestically and off our own shores a long time ago. Apparently the Iraqi government learned to thumb their noses at America after we saved their very existence!


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Commander, are you alright? It's been over a week since you're last blog! There's plenty going on, that's for sure. Hope you're doing well! Best regards from your friend in MN!