Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As problems and deficits mount by the minute for the world and our country there is one word that if followed would move us quickly toward massive resolutions and improvement in our daily lives. That one word is ACCOUNTABILITY.

Webster’s Dictionary declares ACCOUNTABILITY as obliged to account for one’s acts; responsibility.

It is your Commander’s opinion that the recent Massachusetts Senatorial election of Scott Brown was the public’s recognition of a lack of ACCOUNTABILITY in the Halls of Congress. The voters in Virginia and New Jersey also recently spoke loudly in electing Republican Governors to previously held Democrat posts, shocking the arrogant political big-wigs to their core. Promises made in the last campaign were not fulfilled.

As just one example, had ACCOUNTABILITY been followed we would not have experienced the disastrous Enron debacle that foreshadowed the economic problems that ultimately led to the 2008 recession meltdown and an economic environment not seen since the 1930s.

We continue to follow the words of one complicit individual, who was intimately involved in the Enron mess, as if it never happened. Evidence establishes the direct involvement of ex-President William Jefferson Clinton who received massive political contributions from Enron. He had numerous White House meetings with the Enron CEO, and he endorsed granting Enron through the Commerce and State Departments a taxpayer-supported Export-Import Bank subsidized $600 million. Why has Clinton not been held ACCOUNTABLE? Lauding Clinton today is most baffling considering his repeated deleterious, frequently adulterous, and impeached conduct.

How many examples of criminal conduct are there currently within the Halls of Congress? Senators and Congressmen (Republicans and Democrats) who are guilty of various criminalities are subject to little or no action by their self-serving Congressional Ethics Committees. Failure to pay ones due tax obligations is illegal, but nothing seems to ever happen to the chosen elite of Washington. Several members of the current Administration’s Cabinet have been proven guilty of illegal actions, but they continue to receive their substantial taxpayer supported salaries.

The United Nations has been proven corrupt and ineffective time and time again, such as the Iraqi Food for Oil Program. Why does the United States government continue to pay multi-million dollars in contributions to this corrupt bureaucracy?

Time and space do not permit the continuation of additional examples of disruptive unlawful action and behavior. However, by demanding ACCOUNTABILITY we can solve many problems confronting us as a nation, and also as a member of the world community.

As one final example, the current Administration can point all the deflecting phony fingers they want, but until they recognize that the people want Health Care that is fair to ALL they will continue to lose elections. The lack of ACCOUNTABILITY with special interest side deals is the foundation of the voter unrest, and until the pompous Washington elite recognize that, they are in for a rude awakening. The American people are sick and tired of being taken for granted and repeatedly lied to by their elected officials.

Moral and legal corruption rules the day in Washington, but the day of reckoning is on the horizon. The Washington two-step is currently in full ballroom mode; it is sickening to witness because it is the epitome of transference.


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