Thursday, January 14, 2010


There are several questions on the tip of my tongue relative to our President Barack Hussein Obama. On numerous occasions I have clearly voiced my concerns about our new President, but I feel compelled to share some specific questions.

1. Why was President Obama the first President in 110 years to miss the annual Army-Navy Football Game?

2. Why did President Obama not attend any Christmas religious services?

3. Why did President Obama stay on vacation after the recent attempted terrorist attack on the aircraft flying to Detroit Christmas Day?

4. Why does the president continue to lie to the American people when he repeatedly signs legislation containing PORK when he promised to veto such legislation?

5. Why does our President continue to increase the National Debt, and make little or no effort to reduce corruption or wasteful spending?

6. Why can’t the president address the people without the use of a teleprompter?

7. How can the president continue to demand passage of Health Care Legislation that will increase taxes, and is opposed by over 60% of the American people?

8. Why does the president continue to use Air Force One excessively at great expense to the American taxpayers, such as flying to New York City for dinner with his wife?

9. Why does Obama want to charge military veterans injured in the line of duty to their country for their Health Care expenses?

10. Why does the president have to remind us so frequently that he is the Commander in Chief in his speeches that are laced with repeated use of I, me, my, and mine references?

If your Commander did not know better he would think that a different individual was serving as President than the person who spoke during the campaign. I do not know of one individual who voted for the agenda that we now have as opposed to the platform promised. Do you?

I cannot wait for November 2010 to come because the CHANGE and TRANSPARENCY promised in the last campaign never materialized. My best guess is that is was only rhetoric designed for a successful election. Regretfully, when President Obama speaks I am frequently reminded of Albert Einstein’s prophetic words, “The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance.”


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