Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Just like you, I get up every morning looking forward to experiencing another great day on planet Earth. As I read my morning paper, view some early morning television news programs, and take a peek at what is new in my computer email, my mindset takes another blow that strains my mental stability.

Everywhere I turn there is another War, another natural disaster with massive loss of life, some wacko shooting an entire family, or my favorite football or basketball team loses another close game. No matter where we collectively turn there is violence and pestilence, and only occasionally will a calming happy story come to our attention.

Personally I have found a wonderful outlet to bring peace and tranquility to my day and it is with a good book. Happily I can report to anyone who shares my love of reading that another great read has come forward from award winning author Clive Cussler and Justin Scott titled THE WRECKER. The story is set in 1907 with the expansion of the Southern Pacific Railroad and it introduces an insightful new character, Isaac Bell from the Van Dorn Detective Agency.

If your love history and a well crafted mystery story, this is a winner. Cussler’s writing style of short concise chapters suits my reading and attention levels perfectly. Using a frequently overused expression, this is a real page turner.

A little reading and a nice nap permits this old dog to enjoy his day maintaining a significant degree of sanity in this crazy, conflicted, confused, wonderful world.


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