Sunday, January 10, 2010


As usual, this morning I viewed the Sunday morning news programs and read the Sunday issue of my local newspaper (South Bend Tribune). I immediately reacted when I read Washington Post David Broder’s column titled “Chris Dodd, straight shooter, will be missed in the Senate”. When I say that I was moved I want you to know that I sent the following email directly to Broder at the Washington Post.

“I have just read your column in the South Bend Tribune and I want you to know that it will be the last one I intend to read. Why? I salute your loyalty to your friend Senator Chris Dodd, but your failure to even address his corruption and misuse of office is an example of your bias reporting. This specific column lacks any balance, and reflects your position as a loyal Democrat, not an objective reporter. Is this article a pay-off for access over the many years you have been in Dodd’s hip pocket?”

To that email I signed by real name, not my nom deplume.

It is your Commander’s opinion that journalists and even columnists should be honest and present both sides of a story, and Broder definitely only presented praise for Dodd’s many years of political service. Chris Dodd’s (D-CT) duplicity benefited him significantly. It is one thing for Broder to be Dodd’s friend, but it is another to ignore his betrayal of the public trust.

Americans are fortunate that Dodd has seen that his chances for re-election are dim at best, because the voters of Connecticut and all Americans will be better served if an honest public servant replaces him in the Senate. Tragically, Dodd will not just fade away like an old soldier. He will live in the lap of luxury on his ill-gotten gains, and fat government pension. As I have stated before, the chickens are coming home to roost in politics all across the fruited plains. We all will be the better when the voters step forward and exert their vast political influence as our brilliant Constitution guarantees.


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