Thursday, January 28, 2010


It should not come as a surprise to any of my readers to expect that I would write about last evening’s State of The Union speech by President Barack Hussein Obama. Frankly, I considered the address to be most interesting, cunning, arrogant, the height of pomposity, and it seemed to offer a bone for every dog.

As a long opponent of the policies and actions of this President I noted that in his speech he referred to himself 86 times saying “I”, and 18 occasions mentioned “me” or “my.” That is nothing new, but most interesting was the fact that he only looked directly into the television camera one time, and that was for only a few seconds. Being bound to his beloved teleprompter for 71 long minutes, and ignoring the American public was astounding to say the least.

I am certain at this morning both Vice-President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are exhausted from getting up and down to support almost every utterance of their pawky leader. Biden’s nodding head reminded me of a bobble-head toy, which I found to be most distracting.

It was most interesting reviewing the major newspapers of the country this morning, and it was most amazing to see at the supportive New York Times a fawning editorial that acknowledged the problems of a first-term President who is recasting his agenda. I am certain that Obama’s poll numbers will be improving today, but it is doubtful they will remain significantly positive, because a leopard does not change his spots.

The headline in USA Today was “WE FACE A DEFICIT OF TRUST.” Boy, we sure do! The people of this country consider that statement to cover both the President and our entire government. With the speech stressing the need for JOBS JOBS JOBS, one must ask why it has taken our President one year to recognize that obvious fact.

I urge you to read the article from, which is a very surprisingly frank analysis of Obama’s State of the Union speech. Here is the link:,8816,1957301,00.html

Personally I believe Obama made a grievous error in challenging the Supreme Court as he did, but in doing so he lacked class unbecoming his office. He also has now alienated the environmentalists with his suggestion that we should build nuclear plants, drill for oil and gas domestically and off-shore. However, I doubt seriously that any of those olive branches will bear any fruit in the foreseeable future.

And while I am continuing to rant about my displeasure, let me be perfectly clear that I do not trust this man. He continued to lie to the citizens of this country when he urged both sides of the aisle to vote against earmarks, when he recently signed legislation that was loaded with pay-offs to his special interest political contributors.

Lastly, I felt the fawning and obsequious words that were directed to the First Lady Michelle “Lady Gap” Obama were another indication of the power and influence that she has over this liberal President. I suggest that she has far more influence than the bias complicit media has indicated.

Only time will tell, but Obama better open the lines of communication with the Republican minority. The electorate is aroused, and they are tired of a Congress with self-serving elitists who live in another world far from that of the taxpaying serfs. While the media today suggests that Obama is moving to the “center,” there is little or nothing in his first year policies that indicates there is any chance of that really happening.

Just remember the story I have told numerous times of the old southern Senator who said…”Son, just because I said it doesn’t mean it is so.” They were playing the music last evening in our nation’s Capitol for the Washington Two-Step. The Dance Cards have filled up with special interest cash contributions, and nothing will change in Washington until we get off our backsides, and vote the rascals out of office. Real concerned Americans accomplished what was thought to be impossible in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts and it can be done again.


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Anonymous said...

I knew he said I and me quite a few times, but those numbers don't surprise me. His arrogance turned me off, but not the television. I listened intently on the "new change". Very frustrating to say the least. Not quite the State of the Union speech I was expecting. Furthermore, there wasn't one thank you to our troops fighting our wars. I say thank you and god bless to all soldiers in the United States Armed Forces!