Friday, January 8, 2010


I do not know about you, but I am becoming more and more skeptical about the Green Movement. As a matter of fact there is enough proven erroneous information floating around to require me to suspect a vast conspiracy within the entire environmental sector of our country.

A segment of our population has made vast sums of money despite the fact that they have been spewing out false information. One specific individual is ex-Vice-President Al Gore, who once claimed to have invented the internet, and who has profited from a Nobel Peace prize based upon proven phony allegations. His Oscar-award winning movie “An Inconvenient Truth” has made him a millionaire many times over, and many claims of the movie are false. He also refuses to participate in a public question and answer forum. While Gore calls for all of us to conserve, he flies around the world in his carbon spewing private jet, and lives luxuriously on a fat government perked pension in an energy glutinous Tennessee mansion.

Special interest groups like the Sierra Club exert inappropriate influence on state and federal governments to restrict water distribution, logging, mining, and oil exploration, to name a few, which curbs employment and substantial tax revenue to large portions of our country. Lawmakers in our government have frequently been swayed by special interest political contributions to restrict fairly controlled commercial interests and projects.

It appears to your Commander that most special interest groups are supported by well-healed individuals, and foreign governments who have a selfish personal objective to protect, such as their own personal property values. Numerous foreign governments, such as Saudi Arabia, spend vast sums of money with Washington lobbyists. The Saudi Royal family does not want our domestic oil production to increase by one barrel. In addition, all too frequently eminent domain has been inappropriately applied as a result of political contributions by various special interest groups.

Your Commander supports conservation, and strongly urges government to protect our natural resources. However, I support appropriate use of our domestic natural resources as opposed to foreign imports. Unfortunately, money talks, and decisions are reached which are forced upon innocent citizens, because they do not have the clout of Mr. Big. While I once worked closely with NBC, I am now gravely concerned about their misuse of its network airwaves to promote the Green Movement, which also happens to be directly aligned to greatly profit their parent company, General Electric. News stories appear within their news programs that urge aggressive Green actions that result in vast profits for GE products, and cause negative economic consequences to the general public. You would be shocked to learn how many of those GE products are manufactured overseas and not domestically, creating a negative impact on U.S. employment statistics.

Conservation is an important objective, but false use of the subject is nothing short of criminal corruption and the misuse of the public’s trust. Is climate change true? I do not know, but I am becoming more and more suspicious and you should be too. Don’t be gullible just because someone says it is so. There are an increasing number of experienced academic minds raising suspicions to the Green Movement. Anyone who takes the word of our government without solid honest proof or questions is just naive, and will be candidates to be taken to the cleaners with increased taxation to support the special interests of someone else.


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