Wednesday, January 20, 2010


When I wrote recently that I was beginning to see light at the end to the political tunnel I really did not believe that the Senatorial election in Massachusetts would result in a dramatic, clear Republican victory because of the long Democrat Party dominance there. The victory was one of all individuals coming together as Americans to reject the actions of our elected officials and the Administration over the last year. This morning I would love to be a mouse in the corner of the Oval Office, because the troika of Obama, Axelrod, and Emanuel must be near berserk. Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi must be having Tums with their morning coffee.

It is your Commander’s opinion that the three legged stool running this Administration has become a victim of their own aggressive Chicago-style political agenda, which reeked of arrogance, aloofness, and a blind disregard for the will of the electorate. Clearly the American people want an honest fair improvement in health care, but they strongly object to the back-room deals, such as those made for Louisiana, Nebraska and the unions. Those actions were the final straw. Those nefarious deals resulted in Republicans, Independents and Democrats joining together in rejecting the Democrat candidate in Massachusetts, sending a strong message to Washington big-wigs.

Just how this impacts the pending legislation on Health Care currently before both the House and Senate is to be determined. Early reports coming out of the stunned Democrat leadership indicate that they will proceed, urging quick passage, but I believe they have misread their fellow Democrats reaction to the Massachusetts upset. I suggest that the message sent by this election will send every single Congressman and Senator who is running for re-election in November 2010 dashing for cover.

I hope that cooler heads prevail, and that the leadership steps back and decides to start all over on Health Care legislation. They should address the concerns of the electorate, such as restrictions on Trial Attorneys, elimination of special interest exemptions, and see to it that all parties receive identical coverage including all government personnel, especially the Congress. All pork must be removed from the Health Care Bill and the Unions must not receive special treatment.

Should the Leadership and the Administration move forward aggressively to push through Health Care passage before Senator-elect Scott Brown (R) is seated from Massachusetts, they will open Pandora’s Box and bring a huge backlash from the electorate come November 2010. The Obama Administration has a huge opportunity to improve their poll numbers if they start administrating from the middle because the PEOPLE have clearly spoken that they do not approve of the political stench the country is being forced to inhale. If our Congressional delegations and our Administration continue to exhibit their aloof arrogance, and fail to address and accept accountability, they will fall from office sooner than later. The Tea Party movement is real and it is influential far beyond the understanding of the current Washington elite.

The Massachusetts electorate has proven that the people still rule this country just as our Founding Fathers intended. The light at the end of the tunnel is shinning much brighter this morning for the future of our great country. Obama called for CHANGE, but he certainly misjudged his ability to jam down the throats of the electorate something they could and would not swallow, because Chicago thug politics does not work across America.



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