Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We have not reached the first 100 days of President Obama’s first term, and he has changed the way our government operates, directly influencing our daily lives for many decades.

Yes, President Obama did inherit economic chaos, but he had to know the condition of the economy when he was campaigning for the Presidency. On almost an hourly basis Obama or his stooges remind us that he “inherited” every problem facing America today. I suggest it is past time to keep reminding us of his inheritance, and get to work addressing the solutions. “Me thinks he doth protest too much”, because he, himself, and some of his Democrat henchmen were serving in Congress in the majority for the two years prior to his election as president. The appropriate oversight was not solely in the hands of the Executive branch, but included the Congressional membership, too.

The Stimulus Package, the Obama budget, the handling of the AIG/FreddieMac/FannieMae problems will impact the American taxpayers for several generations. The situation with our banks and the automotive industry will not fade away quickly. Where was the Congressional Committee oversight over the past years that permitted our economy to fall into trouble?

Now our President has crossed the Atlantic, meeting with leaders of twenty countries at the G-20, our NATO partners, and visiting several nations. While overseas, he committed our future interests to signed agreements whose contents we do not know. When will we, the taxpayers, be told the actual contents of these international obligations and their potential impact? I do not like America being required to bow to foreign leadership influence, when historically foreign leaders operate in their parochial self-interests. Let us remember, too, how many times our supposed friends within the United Nations have rebuffed initiatives of the United States.

It will be extremely interesting to see the final reaction and response taken by President Obama to North Korea’s calling the bluff of the free world by firing a rocket across Japan into the Pacific Ocean. Does anyone really believe the United Nations will support America’s concerns and interests? Both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have very interesting articles appearing in their April 5th editions. Thus far the UN has decided to take no action, which is not surprising at all.

Within these first 100 days we have our President going overseas, apologizing for American actions to countries whose very existence we have repeatedly saved (think WW I and WW II), followed by using American taxpayer’s money to rebuild their economies. I wonder how the offspring of those brave American fighting men who gave the ultimate sacrifice feel today.

While the pandering American media writes glowing stories about the warm reception being given to President Obama, and the clothes being worn by our First Lady, our supposed friends in Europe are holding firm and in essence rejecting our pleas for support. A perfect example is the rejection of the European bankers and the token addition of 5,000 NATO troops to our country saving efforts in Afghanistan. I feel our media reporting is very thin on objective analysis, but strong on adulation.

Personally I hope our President returns home soon, and stops flying Air Force One around the world while vital issues remain unattended back here in the USA. I do not like the fact that our President has quickly, and without any consideration of our Legislative Branch, signed agreements to abide by foreign banking groups in rulings impacting our economic understructure. Who gave President Obama the authority to grant oversight to foreign operatives of our financial systems?

In just a few days President Obama will fly off again to a gathering of unfriendly leaders of South American countries. God knows what he will apologize for next, or what promises he will make. Watch for a new open door policy on Cuba.

Our President says he does not consider the polls, but his inner-circle henchmen sure do, and I suspect there is growing concern about the increasing numbers of citizens who are unhappy with the direction of our country. While no Republicans voted in favor of the inflated budget, there were 10 brave Democrats who voted against it. Watch for them to be punished harshly by their leadership.

America has many unsettling issues to address, and it is time for Obama to set his big jet on the runway and get back to work, which in itself would save the taxpayer’s millions of dollars. Did you know that 500 support people flew to Europe for the president’s journey? What did that cost you and me?

While Obama and his entourage were bouncing around Europe accepting flowers and toasts of champagne, sick individuals were murdering honest hard working citizens in Pittsburg, PA and Binghamton, NY. While near Yakima, WA a distraught father killed his five children and then himself. I support our Constitution to permit our citizens to own firearms, but does anyone need assault weapon AK47’s?

Your Commander believes it is time for our President to get back to basics fulfilling his campaign promises to bring REAL CHANGE and TRANSPARENCY to our government. I find it very interesting to see our President slowly moving off some of his initial firm positions on policies that are now proving to be unrealistic, and self defeating. Consider Guantanamo…Obama announced in late January its closing within one year, yet there is still no plan regarding what to do with the people held there. Other examples where he is waffling involve carbon tax credits and the naive effort to stop smoking by increasing cigarette taxes, which immediately cuts Federal smoking tax income. What delivers votes sometimes proves to be unwise in the long run.

I believe the firing of the General Motor’s CEO was divisive, because he ignored the equally responsible UAW President in his unconstitutional action. Congressional rules forced on the auto industry must carry their share of responsibility to Detroit’s current problems, too. The Obama administration does not dare take any action that the Union would consider harmful, because they helped him get elected. Money speaks again against good government.

Looking at what has transpired thus far in the first 100 days of this administration has proven to me that all the crazy people are not in the institution; some are running our government, and jeopardizing our precious democracy.

Remember the wise words of Winston Churchill when he said, “The main vice of capitalism is the uneven distribution of prosperity. The main vice of socialism is the even distribution of misery.”


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