Friday, April 3, 2009


Back in the 1930’s and 1940’s I was a young, impressionable, spoiled only-child living a wonderful live in Chicago. Frequently, I would want to do something right now and my mother or father would stress the importance of making a reasoned decision.

Dad used to say, “Slow it down, and think about it”, or mom would say, “Haste makes waste.” Being too young to appreciate their advice, my reaction was typically that of an impetuous kid. It was not until many years later when I matured did I understand that my parent’s advice was wise and good council.

Do you remember the occasions when an important decision was to be made, and your first reaction was to act immediately in order to get the issue behind you? My dear wife’s Scottish mother is remembered to say in such situations, “What’s for you won’t go past you.” Additionally, I also remember being told to “Sleep on it”, and again it always proved to be a very sound recommendation.

I suspect you know where I am going with this commentary. It is becoming more obvious every day that our government and leadership are throwing good judgment to the wind, and rushing overly aggressive and lasting decisions without any period of reflection or analysis. A perfect example is the Congressional action on the Stimulus Bill that caused the vote to be taken before anyone could read the contents of the legislation. After the fact we learned that numerous questionable actions, such as Earmarks were deviously hidden and passed as part of the stimulus package.

On a daily basis we are seeing our politicians rushing to judgment that in reality is just a cover-up for ulterior motives or actions. We have learned that millions of dollars are unaccountable from the TARP funding which Congress once again passed in a hurry last fall. Legislation passed without any outline of strict accountability. Can you believe it? AND THIS IS OUR MONEY!

Just how long are we, the taxpayers, going to permit this appalling misuse of our hard earned money to continue? We complain, and the airwaves are full outlining the scope of financial irresponsibility by Congress, but it just seems to continue unabated. The solution to the erosion of our democracy is in our hands, and it is necessary for us to take firm action in the voting booths of America.

Why have we failed to take the constructive and sound advice our parents gave us years ago?



Kate said...

Hey Bob,
I totally and completely agree with your never rush anything. On my own experience I have already checked that "What's yours is yours" and "The things will happen when it is the right time for them to happen". But I keep on questioning myself what can the PEOPLE do in order to stop "The top ones" wasting their money? It is obvious the policy is "Let's rush befor they have come to their senses". But how can we prevent developing corruption and the desire for more and more money???

Texas Lieutenant said...

It is interesting to see all the local governments now trying to come up with ways to SPEND all this federal money.. Many of them just now learning they might be able to cash in, too! Maybe some will be put to good use? Maybe schools will actually benefit? We need a very, very well educated young generation, to figure out how THEY will ever pay this debt!