Sunday, April 26, 2009


Currently we are experiencing a defining period in the history and future of our great democratic experiment…the United States of America. Recent attendance at the Tea Parties across our nation indicates there is a growing unrest across the country, and there are several different issues being addressed simultaneously. Whether or not these protests have legs is something that only history will prove. I believe the protests will grow, especially if we do not see an upturn in our economy in the near future. Thus, the coming Congressional elections in 2010 will be both interesting and pivotal to the general election in 2012 and our future quality of life.

Obviously, the electorate is concerned about the economy and the destruction of individual retirement portfolios. Taxation is a hot button issue, because even a student of Economics #101 knows that we cannot have budget deficits in the trillions and not be facing dramatic increases in our future tax obligations. The quickly passed Stimulus Bill and the TARP appropriations have been released and there is already evidence of excessive misuse with little or no accountability.
Dollars are being thrown at projects that will obligate the taxpayers to re-fund those projects once the Stimulus Bill revenue is spent, i.e., adding schools around the country, then who will pay the needed teacher salaries. Few “SHOVEL READY” projects have commenced to date, and there are indications that several will not start for at least one or two more years.

To say our new president has a full plate is an understatement. Your Commander is of the opinion that Obama is trying to accomplish far too much within his first 100 days. Having collected record campaign contributions, our president has many obligations to address, but I suggest that his Oath of Office is the first debt he must meet. Thus far, I believe our president has placed his commitment to the unions and special interests that funded his campaign along with the pressures coming from the liberal left of his party before his oath of office. With over three more years remaining in his Presidential term why is he so concerned about pandering to his political base?

Historical works such as David McCullough’s “1776” or “Presidential Courage” by Richard Beschloss have shown that political rancor has always been strong, but I do not believe it has ever been as vicious with a “kill the opposition” or “personal destruction” approach as it is today. I believe this is a very dangerous development and a condition that could ultimately destroy our cherished democracy. Our Founding Fathers must be turning over in their graves.

Instead of rushing to judgments that attempt to bring quick solutions, would it not be more prudent to exert true, reasoned leadership that gets to the heart of the problems. I would like to see a series of truly bi-partisan committees be formed to develop a list of priorities to resolve our most pressing issues of the day. That list may include energy independence, fair and equitable taxation, national debt, welfare abuse, drugs, gangs, illegal immigration, ethics in governance, homeland security, national defense, education, foreign aid, and future anticipated needs. The committees would consist of experienced business professionals, distinguished academics, retired military, and politicians no longer serving who could leave their political cloaks at the door. No doubt your list may be different, but let’s get started and stop this vicious partisan bickering that in the long run accomplishes nothing but increased financial burdens. Currently we are destroying our society from within, and it has to stop.

I believe the American people are not fools, but have been taken advantage of by clever political opportunists. Complacency and greed has gotten us into our current economic chaos, but we need an awakening of honest leadership to get us back on the proper patriotic course that does not bow to special interests. Daily press briefings and suddenly called Sunday press conferences are shooting from the hip attempts to calm the electorate, but all too frequently require re-spinning the administration’s position, because the initial comment is ill-advised.

I believe the Tea Party movement can have long lasting, effective legs, but it is up to each individual’s response or reaction. I believe the name Tea Party is far too limiting, and it should be changed to THE AMERICAN PARTY, which can encompass numerous issues, and have greater solidarity. We must find common ground for both the left and right, the Republicans, the Democrats, the Independents, the Conservatives, and the Liberals or we will cease to exist. If you believe in the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and our Constitution as I do, then join me in participating in THE AMERICAN PARTY movement. The alternatives are ultimately losing democracy, freedom, liberty, and living under a dictatorship, monarchy, socialism, or communist governance.

As far as your Commander is concerned Patrick Henry was correct, “Give me liberty or give me death.”


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