Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Occasionally you come upon a book that justifies awarding it the status of Must Read. I can certainly validate that rating on LIBERTY and TYRANNY having just completed reading the 205 page conservative manifesto.

Now do not let that statement scare you away from reading the book, because Mark R. Levin is just as hard on the Republicans as he is on the Democrats. Believe me there is plenty of blame to go around in addressing Mark’s concerns of the current condition of American political discourse and future. It would be inappropriate for me to disclose further contents of the book, but I want you to know that I have been so impressed with the author’s findings that I have just purchased two more copies of L&T for my children.

While the book has a slow start, it does require concentration because it delves into the inner workings of our Constitution and our Founding Father’s intentions and goals. Levin’s research is impeccable, and I was particularly impressed with his chapter conclusions on Education, Free Market, Welfare, Immigration, and the Environment.

One last suggestion is that you buy the book through Amazon to save a little money, because the list price is $25.00, or stop by your local library. I believe that Liberals and Conservatives alike will appreciate this book. Both sides of the political discussion will be glad time was spent reading this book.


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