Wednesday, April 1, 2009


With all the turmoil in the world today my attention was drawn to a subject that is getting far too little in-depth study or recognition. What I am talking about is the Supreme Court of the United States. The media reminds us just how important an appointment is when one comes up, but our attention quickly fades following a Senate confirmation hearing of an appointee, whether the hearings are contentious or not (however, they usually are, even if for show).

Our short-spanned interest then focuses on the Court when highly controversial decisions are reached, such as the ruling that led to President George W. Bush’s election over Al Gore in 2000, or the decision on Roe vs. Wade. An example of confirmation was the extended harsh charges brought against appointee Judge Clarence Thomas alleging sexual harassment. Remember the battle that took place covering the failed appointment of Judge Robert Bork?

On a recent cable talk show I was reminded of the emotionally charged debates that take place within the Halls of Congress whenever a seat appears to be coming available on the High Court. Presidents throughout our history have been attempting to cast their lasting imprint on the Court with their appointments, either conservative or liberal.

Last week I heard about Mark R. Levin’s new best seller LIBERTY AND TYRANNY, which went to the top of the best selling list on the first day it was available on My copy arrived today, but on a recent visit to our local library, I found an earlier book written by Levin in 2005 titled MEN IN BLACK.

I highly recommend MEN IN BLACK, because it provides a thoroughly researched analysis of “How the Supreme Court is destroying America”. Without revealing too much about the book, the Supreme Court has long been a profoundly limited chamber to investigate.

Information about the inner-workings of this all powerful body are at best incomplete. Did you know that Justice Thurgood Marshall, who is regarded by most Democrats with total reverence, was actually incompetent during his later years of service? For instance, during his last SEVERAL years on the Court, he sat in his office every afternoon viewing the soap opera “Days of our Lives” rather than reviewing or considering Supreme Court material. Shockingly, there have been several Supreme Court Justices who were totally incapable (dementia or Alzheimers, no doubt) of performing their duties while serving their life-time appointments. I found it most egregious that the Court frequently interprets our precious Constitution to conform to the individual Justice’s point of view.

MEN IN BLACK is not always an easy read, but it is an extremely revealing and informative presentation of a vital subject. There may be few issues as important as our Supreme Court’s rulings and their long-lasting legal and social impact.

Your Commander will be reporting on Levin’s newest book shortly.


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Anonymous said...

I'm patiently waiting for Levin's new book. I'm thrilled it sold out so quickly. It goes to show that Americans are fed up with what is going on in this great country of ours. I can hardly wait to read this book. I look forward to your report!