Thursday, April 23, 2009


My regular readers will be totally shocked to learn that your Commander is going to compliment one specific department of our Federal Government. Yes, is that not surprising to hear me report something favorable relative to our Washington leadership?

Having just completed my annual physical at our local Veteran’s Administration office, I am delighted to enthusiastically endorse the job being performed by our VA when it comes to medical treatment. No doubt all veterans may not feel this way, but for the past several years I have noted a significant improvement in services and the quality of treatment.

Within the VA there is a program that permits eligible veterans to secure a formulary list of prescription drugs at a very inexpensive cost. This represents a huge financial savings in my particular case, and I am certain that many other VA patients feel the same way.

I first noticed an improvement in services at the VA starting back during the early months of the George W. Bush administration, and it continues to improve under Barack Obama’s term, too.

I have found the staff to be very friendly, supportive, and completely professional, unlike my experiences with several other departments of our federal government such as the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue, and especially the Congressional representatives from both Houses. To say that the rest of the federal government is in deleterious condition is a huge understatement.

Clearly the VA staff cares for veterans and they show it demonstratively. Today as I was leaving my Doctor told me something I have not heard since I was Honorably Discharged in August of 1954. When we shook hands the Doctor said: “Thanks for your valued service to our country”. WOW!

When I volunteered for service in the Regular Air Force back in January 1951 I did so because I felt it was my duty, and my honor and that I could make a contribution to the country’s effort in fighting the Korean War. I never expected anything in return and certainly never anticipated benefits for education and health care from the Federal Government. Believe me I would gladly serve back then or again today without any benefits being bestowed. The thanks I received today make all those lonesome scary days in Korea long ago a greatly appreciated justification for my service.



Ensign EP said...

It's nice to hear that the VA is being run so well. But, isn't it unfortunate that when we encounter polite and helpful people in our daily lives we are surprised? Too bad that this has become the exception instead of the rule.

Texas Lieutenant said...

Yes, this is a nice surprise to hear a positive review of a VA facility. I've heard some quite unpleasant reviews from other places.