Sunday, April 26, 2009


This commentary is touching on a highly emotional subject so I want you to know that I have absolutely nothing against pets, and in fact have great affection for animals of all kinds. BUT

Since our new President Barack Obama first announced during his campaign that he would relent and permit his family to have a dog, our main street media has been falling all over themselves pandering to all pet admirers or lovers in an ill-conceived effort to attract new viewers or readers by constantly speculating on the potential breed, when it would arrive, etc. This is another clear example of the current state of journalism in America, because on a scale of 1 to 10 the new presidential dog is really about a 0 in importance to the future of America.

My local paper has been falling all over itself carrying stories about the Portuguese Water Dog at the expense of covering and addressing issues that will directly impact our future best interests. Sure during these times of economic stress, emotional stories about dogs and cats are comforting, but let’s get real folks.

The NBC Nightly News led with the news of the presidential dog’s selection, and has carried numerous stories about the dog’s antics since its arrival. Our cable channels are loaded with Bo’s daily schedule, and pictures of our President frolicking with the dog on the lawn of the White House.

I view all this excessive dog coverage to represent a total lack of priorities, and the liberal left-leaning press’ effort to humanize our new president. Apparently, the media feels compelled to redirect our attention from the pressing issues of the day that may bring even the slightest hint of negative press to their “chosen one”. Part of the problem is caused by the staff cut-backs made necessary by the economic downturn and the media’s efforts to fill pages or minutes in their newscasts. No wonder both subscriptions and viewing is plummeting across the fruited plains.

If the whole purpose of covering the dog is to bring comfort to people in these days of stress, I’ll accept that. However, just what are our main concerns?

Excuse me now while I take my neighbor’s dog and cat for a walk.


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Texas Lieutenant said...

My friendly pet appreciates the coverage of the first canine. Every dog deserves it's day! (But then quit talking about the canine)