Sunday, April 19, 2009


We have all watched Presidential Press Conferences and the daily Press Briefings by Presidential Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. Personally I have stopped watching both, because they are obviously staged and are produced with content that is little more than political spin or Washington Speak.

Surely you must wonder why no politician answers the questions directed to them by the Washington Press Corp. I suspect that you too find it embarrassing when veteran Washington Reporter Helen Thomas asks any question, which frequently no one quite understands. Have you noticed that the same favored main-stream Reporters are repeatedly asked to address their soft-ball questions?

I would love to have a chance to present a question or two and I suspect that you would want to do the same. When the President or Robert Gibbs does not answer your question would it not be appropriate to firmly, but politely inquire why they evaded your question. How about a simple yes or no?

Here is a sample of the questions I would like to ask.

Mr. President, it is reported that you have not presented proof of your origin of birth, which is required to be elected the President of the United States. Why?

Mr. President, it is reported that your Harvard University papers have been sealed and those of the First Lady at both Harvard and Princeton. Why?

Mr. President, it is reported that your wife was employed at the University of Chicago Hospital with an income that totaled $273,000 prior to your election. In the interest of transparency, don’t you not think the American people deserve to know what she did for the Hospital and just how many hours per week she worked at that position?

Mr. President, what did you do as a Community Organizer and who paid you?

Mr. Gibbs, in view of the fact that individuals and organizations are due a speedy trial why has no action been taken by the Justice Department relative to allegations and indictments against the community action group ACORN or Mr. Tony Resko?

Mr. President, you campaigned across America calling for the elimination and curtailment of earmarks, but you have signed legislation containing millions of dollars in Pork. Why did you not veto the legislation containing earmarks?

Mr. President during your first 100 days in office you have increased the National Debt more than the cumulative actions of all previous Presidents. How can an American parent explain to their children how that debt can be repaid without massive tax increases or a reduction in our standard of living?

Mr. President, when you were a member of the State of Illinois Senate why did you merely vote “present” so frequently rather than “for” or “against” bills before you?

Well I could go on and on with equally vital questions, and I suspect I would get the same evasive responses that we have all witnessed. What are the questions that you seek answers to? I’ll bet your list is equally long and disturbing.

Surely any Reporter that would have the gall to ask any of my questions would be either immediately fired or transferred to Outer Mongolia never to be heard from again. Let none of us hold our breath expecting the Q and A experience to improve in the foreseeable future. Maybe after the next election, but that would take the action of all those radical right-wing conservatives who recently appeared at those hysterical frightful Tea Parties across the nation.


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Christopher said...

Your questions are on-point. We all deserve these answers, regardless of our vote in last November's election. The elusiveness and the non-answers are tiresome and I am with you. I don't care to hear any more softball questions being asked. If I want softball, I grab my mitt and head to the park. America's Past Time!