Wednesday, April 27, 2011


With our great country consumed in three Wars, all essentially in the Middle East, and our economy mired in deep unsustainable debt what is one of the big stories appearing in the Washington Post today…”OBAMA TO SPEND WEDNESDAY POLITICKING WITH OPRAH IN CHICAGO, CAMPAIGN DONORS IN NEW YORK CITY”.

I find this disgusting. It proves the real motivation of the current Administration is getting their man RE-ELECTED when the primary goal should be serving the American citizens, and addressing the pressing issues of the day. It seems to me that if the current president has fulfilled campaign promises, and handled domestic and foreign affairs well, campaigning should be easier and less time and dollar intensive.

Here is a link to an Associated Press article in The Washington Post that ties directly to my recent essay regarding to the costs of a presidential overseas trip on Air Force One.

When you read this article you quickly learn that the real priority projects taking our President’s time and attention are self-interest (birth certificate), and not the real pressing matters most important to the future of our country. I will not repeat what is outlined in the Associated Press piece, but clearly Air Force One will need replacements for its tired engines, and you and I know that the Democrat Campaign Committee will not be footing the bill for those expensive replacements.

Be prepared America, you are about to be screwed again.


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