Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Have you noticed, as your Commander has, that prominent announcements of the deaths of our military fallen heroes continue to fade daily in the pages of our newspapers? As an example, the report that eight brave soldiers died appeared in today’s USA Today below the fold on Page 4A.

America has now lost 4,427 service members and 13 Defense Department civilians in the Iraq War. We have also lost 1,421 service members and 2 Defense Department civilians in the Afghanistan War. As hundreds of flights are conducted in support of the No-Fly Zone over Libya there will certainly be some tragic loss of life due to unforeseen accidents.

My local newspaper only reports of local military lives lost or those who once resided in the community while those from other parts of the country go unreported. It is understandable that we Americans just do not want to hear about these wars that have gone on far too long without being won or an acceptable solution reached. I find it totally unacceptable to not salute and honor those who give their lives so we can enjoy the benefits of freedom.

Just think of the impact upon the families of the 5,863, plus all their extended family members, whose lives are dramatically changed forever because their loved ones stepped forward for you and me. Each and every one of those who gave their lives should be honored today and forever with prominent announcements on the front pages of every single newspaper in the country.

I ask you…Where in the hell have the values and respect for our fellow man gone in The United States of America? Every single day we should all say a prayer for the service rendered by each who gave their lives for us and their country. Eight brave names were added to my prayer list today, and they deserved front-page attention, and not buried or even ignored by the misplaced values of our liberal news media.


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