Friday, April 8, 2011


Some old guys drift off into weird directions after retirement, such as drinking too much, chasing young women, distributing off-color jokes, collecting pornographic pictures, but this old dog has fortunately fallen in love with my computer (after the wife and children, of course) for the vast warehouse of knowledge that it makes available to all on a daily basis. It is said that knowledge is power, but for me knowledge expands my enjoyment of my remaining time on this wonderful place called earth.

As I do each morning I was scanning various websites along with a long list of emails that I receive daily from friends across the country. An email that originated from a friend in Pennsylvia was short and simple.

“For those that love language…this one is very descriptive.

Subject: Obambulate – A real word.”

Conducting a Google search I learned that yes, it is a real word and the definition of obambulate appears in the Oxford English Dictionary (2nd Edition) as follows:

Obambulate – To walk about; to wander hither and thither.

Your Commander will not make any comment relative to the thoughts that come to mind when reading the definition of this word, and any possible direct or indirect relationship it could possibly have to our current President of the United States. I’ll let you draw your own reaction and conclusion. Enough said!

Words…aren’t they beautiful?


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