Thursday, April 14, 2011


As reported back on March 10th I moved on to Alex Berenson’s fourth book MIDNIGHT HOUSE, and now have only one more of his five books to read. Without a doubt I continue to be a fan of Berenson’s books, but I must admit that MIDNIGHT HOUSE was the darkest one I’ve read.

The story centers on the operation of a black-ops prison in Poland by American intelligence personnel. I am not opposed to secret missions; that is the way the world works today with the growing threat of deranged terrorists operating under the guise of a distorted view of their religion. However, Berenson’s story is disturbing.

With that said Berenson keeps moving his hero, John Wells, through seemingly impossible circumstances that keep the reader turning pages well into the early morning hours. Although this is a very good book, it is my least favorite of the four I have read.

I have started his newest tome titled SILENT SOLDIER, and I can report that so far it is absolutely up to Berenson’s high standards of constant action, suspense and good over evil. Your Commander will be reporting further when I complete SILENT SOLDIER on my Kindle, which will be only a matter of a few days.


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