Monday, April 25, 2011


Today I was trying to find some information relative to the number of junkets being taken by members of Congress during the current two week Easter recess. At the same time President Obama is flying all over the country raising campaign funds for his re-election run. Unfortunately I have thus far not been able to determine which members of Congress are on a junket or where they are traveling, let alone who is traveling with them and who is paying for the trip.

My purpose in trying to determine some definitive information on this subject is to find out if and who is really checking and auditing these trips, some of which are conducted on the backs of the American taxpayer. I will continue to look and, hopefully, will locate some information and report back to you at that point.

While on my junket search I came upon a website written by a man named Mark Schumacher and an article of his titled “Too Many Millionaires in Congress – Time for Just Representation.” From the little I have read of his work so far, Schumacher appears to be a provocateur similar to your Commander.

Did you know that 60% of the NEW Senate and 40% of the NEW House members are millionaires? I wonder what the real percentage is of the total membership. Certainly most, if not all, of the old timers in both Houses are very wealthy cats, too. Here is the link to Schumacher’s article for your information.

Schumacher makes some sound points, especially about the perks and travel that our supposed leaders take off the backs of the taxpayers with little or no checks and balances. While I have no personal axe to grind against successful people, I do have a growing concern that we have permitted our elected leadership to become extremely wealthy, over-perked, excessively overly-privileged, exempt from rules that apply to everyone else, and isolated from the realities that are confronted by every day Americans.

It is your Commander’s opinion that the president and the members of Congress are so isolated from the realities of day to day life in America that they can no longer serve our best interests effectively. They simply just don’t get it anymore when it comes to understanding our problems, and they simply do not care if we think that is a serious problem, because we cannot do anything about it. We can, because our votes put them in and our votes can take them all out of office. However, how do we get rid of their fat pensions and life long perks once they have served a mere six years?

With the ranks of the entitlement crowd growing each day we are now reaching the point where our government spends as much on welfare and entitlement projects as we take in with our federal income tax. At that point we resemble lambs going to slaughter, because our government is committing fiscal suicide.


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