Tuesday, April 19, 2011


You should have filed and paid your Federal Income Tax by midnight last night or filed an extension with an estimated amount of tax paid. A task no one really enjoys.

It is your Commander’s opinion that virtually each reasonably thinking person accepts the fact that our Tax Code is broken and it unfairly shields massive amounts of potential revenue from being appropriately taxed. No American wants to pay more than their fair share of taxes, but far too many people abuse the Tax Code that has swollen to over 1,700 pages. Far too many Americans pay absolutely no tax, and that is just plain not fair. With over 311,289,301 citizens in this country it is a fact that nearly one-half pay absolutely nothing in the way of taxes in support of the American government.

That reality is totally wrong. I know that some of my readers will think I am callous and cold hearted, but I believe that every single American should pay something each year. Just consider if the 50% of those who pay nothing contributed just $5.00 that would garner $778,223,250 in additional tax revenue to the US Treasury.

Don’t tell me the non-paying individuals could not afford $5.00 for each person in their household to the operation of this country, because you know in your heart that they can. Just cutting back on buying expensive cigarettes, liquor, tattoos, drugs, and/or spending $5.00 less per year for each family member on necessities is possible. Again a $5 rate would bring in nearly $800 million

The growing number of citizens in the entitlement crowd is killing this country’s financial integrity. There are no free-rides in life and America cannot afford our growing political class-warfare, and its escalating entitlement dependent population.

On the other end of the scale, the wealthy should not be protected by unfair deductions and loopholes. A revision of the Tax Code is in order, but it must be fairly reorganized, and a flat tax may be the appropriate answer. Rich, poor, and all in between must carry the burden to support a sound America. The middle-class is currently being abused, but nothing will be done until we collectively demand appropriate action by our elected officials.


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