Saturday, April 9, 2011


You know from my previous commentaries I am not a huge fan of the administration of the NCAA. Time and time again this organization has come down on the side of making money at the expense of young student athletes that they should be supporting and protecting.

In today’s New York Times Joe Nocera wrote about an NCAA double standard. Jim Calhoun, the men’s basketball coach for the University of Connecticut (this year’s recent NCAA championship team), just prior to the big tournament was sanctioned for violating recruiting rules and suspended for three games next season.

Days later Perry Jones III, a freshman basketball player at Baylor University, was immediately suspended for six games just hours before his team’s conference tournament. The reason…his mother borrowed money from his A.A.U. coach when Jones was a sophomore in high school.

I urge you to read Nocera’s critical article in its entirety at:

Having stated my concerns please draw your own conclusions, but I suggest that Nocera has clearly defined the core problem facing the future success of the NCAA.

What do you think?


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