Monday, December 27, 2010


While I recognize that as my time clock ticks away I am getting more and more suspicious of the true motivations of our elected politicians. Just such an example exists with the recent actions of departing Indiana Senator Evan Bayh. He has a long history of holding elected office in Indiana, and he comes by it naturally since his Father was once our United States Senator.

Questions and suspicious motives are caused by Bayh’s actions since announcing earlier this year that he would not run for re-election to the Senate. He has said his decision was reached because the Senate had become excessively partisan. Some voices have suggested he was concerned by the increasing influence of the Republican Party.

What troubles me are the Senator’s recent actions as this lame-duck session of Congress came to a close. First he was absent from an important session where significant votes were taken, because he spent that entire day flying around Indiana holding press conferences at major Indiana airports thanking Hoosier’s for their support. Shouldn’t Bayh have been in Washington doing the peoples business? How much did that fly-around cost and who paid for his expensive travel? I believe Bayh abandoned his post for personal gratification, and he dodged voting on what many felt were controversial issues. I bet he also accepted his pay for that day from his gullible U.S. taxpayers.

Bayh says he needs to spend time with his twin teenaged sons, but he is sending emails to Indiana residents telling them about all his great accomplishments while serving us as our two-term Senator. It appears to me that he is running for something, and is not intending to stay out of politics for very long.

Bayh’s talk does not gel with his actions. I think Bayh would change his tune quickly if he could secure the Democrat nomination for president, and he is really playing a waiting game. Politicians really stink to high heaven, because none of them are really honest about their true intentions and motivations. In the meantime this public servant will thrive on his fat pensions secured from his two terms as Governor, and his 12 years in the Senate. Politicians work a few years and get multiple lush pensions. Nice deal if you can get it, but we the taxpayer’s cannot…we just pay and pay and pay.


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