Friday, December 24, 2010


Scanning the morning newspaper websites earlier this week I ran across an article in the Washington Post that caught my eye. I will summarize its contents.

As work in the House and Senate came to a close in the lame-duck session, one-sixth of the House members failed to show up for work and vote on important legislation. A total of 70 members of the House were absent. The House held votes on seven pieces of legislation including the continuing funding resolution. By Tuesday afternoon 5 more members were absent for votes adding to the problem.

Of those absent, eleven members were defeated in the recent election, and sixteen others were retiring legislators. In the Senate where important debate was scheduled on the START Treaty, five members were absent including retiring Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, who was flying around Indiana holding good-bye press conferences at each stop.

In fairness, a couple of those missing were justified due to health issues, but that was not the case for the majority of absent legislators. I will make you a bet that the paychecks of those absent will not see a deduction as would be the case for anyone else who failed to show up for their job in the real world.
Absent without leave (AWOL) is a daily occurrence in Washington, and nobody does anything but ignore the arrogance of our legislators. This is another perfect example of the abuse in the system by our public servants. The abuse of power is rampant in Washington, and nobody is doing anything to stop this blatant waste of OUR money.


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