Sunday, December 12, 2010


This commentary addresses a subject that has been kicking around the media world for the past several weeks. In the Sunday on-line edition of the Chicago Sun-Times there is an interesting article by Kathleen Pender.

It is your Commander’s opinion that government employees are receiving excessive pay and lucrative benefits, and the electorate must make their voices heard via their elected officials. Left unchecked, government salaries, benefits, and the number of government employees will continue to rise buying further voting loyalty to the politicians.

Did you catch the fact that workers in the dysfunctional Post Office are exempt from the payroll freeze? Why? They are union employees with a contract. When will our government address the Post Office problem once and for all time? Why, too, are members of Congress, congressional staffers and federal court judges and their workers excluded from the freeze? No union involvement there. Politics is the answer, and it is the cancer eating away at our national debt on a daily basis.

We the voters are responsible for permitting this problem to exist. We can and should demand that our elected officials solve this discrepancy or we will vote them out of office. We have the power, and proved so in November, but we neglect to make our voices heard often enough.


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