Monday, December 20, 2010


Just when the Big Ten Football Conference had something really big to celebrate, and promote what did they do? They fumbled the ball badly when they announced the names of the two different divisions created by the addition of the University of Nebraska to the Conference.

Take a look at the Teddy Greenstein article from the Chicago Tribune and you will understand just how Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany appears to be misreading the public’s reaction to LEGENDS and LEADERS.,0,3849331,print.column

With 90% of the reactions being negative, one must wonder just how much research or consideration was actually given to the selection process. It seems obvious that ultimately Delany will come out with a statement that will acknowledge the need to change the names of each Division.

This selection is reminiscent of corporate decisions like “New Coke” or the Edsel automobile.


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Steve said...

Follow the money. I'll bet that might get some answers.

I grew up in Ann Arbor and sill am a big Michigan football fan.