Monday, November 30, 2009


As the holiday season of 2009 begins, I remain concerned about the direction that our democracy is taking. Maybe I am just getting old, because as a youth I fondly remember that I thought my parents, especially my Dad, were just out of touch with reality with their very conservative positions. Suddenly I find myself getting more and more like my Dad, and I believe that life’s experiences sway one to a more conservative point of view.

Recently I read the November 27th posting of my good friend Kim Carlson’s blog titled, “How do we arrive at our political positions, anyhow?” which you can read by going to: I think you, too, will enjoy Kim’s writing and comments.

Today I received an email from a friend back east that reported some very disturbing information. The U.S. Government now accounts for about a third of the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and that in itself is creating a disturbing long-term financial obligation that in my opinion is just not realistically sustainable. Did you know that H.R. 3962 (the House Health Care Bill) creates 110 Boards, bureaucracies, commissions, and programs?

There is one very important and glaring question that is not being addressed, nor raised by responsible media sources. How are the American people and our government going to pay for the massive financial obligations being legislated under the Obama Administration? Your Commander sees no evidence of any reduction in spending, and every piece of legislation passed since Obama became President has created further zeros at the end of our national debt.

When will just one of our elected officials step forward with an agenda that calls for doing the right thing and not the politically correct thing. It appears to me that most of the decisions coming out of Washington today and for the last 20 years are purely politically motivated, assuring either a politician’s longevity in office, improving personal financial security, pays off obligations for election support, or enhances the growth of the exploding entitlement crowd’s long-term influence.

Anyone who has read anything about the founding of this great country knows that the Founding Fathers had a profound and abiding respect for the rights of individuals and held a deep respect for a higher being. Congress talks a good game with paid religious figure-head preachers in the House and Senate, but ignored are the basic theses of the Ten Commandments when they govern. They open each session of Congress with prayers, but then ignore those good words of guidance.

America desperately needs someone to tell the voting public the total truth, and have the guts to take the appropriate action to get our country back on a solid moral and financial footing. I, for one, am sick and tired of our politicians’ self-serving decision making which only leads to their self-preservation and our country’s demise. Truth has and always will be stronger than fiction, but sadly we are living in a world of total political fantasy and unless we voters do something this story can only end in tragedy.


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