Friday, November 20, 2009


I need not get into all the details of the government’s recent announcement by the U.S. Preventive Task Force recommending that women 40-49 forgo annual mammograms unless they have certain risk factors. I am the husband of a cancer survivor (not breast cancer) who had no symptoms, but the malignant tumor was found in a routine colonoscopy. I must tell you that I think this is the first clear indication that the pending Health Care Legislation is moving in a direction that will be most unpleasant to most Americans.

Your Commander suggests that our government, despite their initial announcements, is in reality going to ration health care, which will lead to the unnecessary death of some of our fellow citizens. We are on another slippery slope, and I do not feel we are being told the whole truth before this legislation will come up for a vote, jamming something through that satisfies the special interests that got the Obama Administration elected.

This is pure Rahm Emanuel taking advantage of the electorate’s desire for health care reform. What little I have been able to read and understand indicates that the House and Senate are operating strictly to get themselves re-elected, while retaining their own special unique classification of health care.

It is now obvious that Senator Harry Reid’s (D-NV) proposal carries an estimated cost of $848 billion, and it will be funded by cuts to Medicare and increased taxes from you and me. We all agree that reform is necessary, but at what cost? Just when is someone going to get the guts to standup in the Halls of Congress and demand to be told how we can continue to spend money we do not have. The day of financial reckoning is coming quickly. Wake-up America before it is too late, because we are sliding down the hill faster every passing day into financial insolvency.


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