Thursday, November 5, 2009


With all the rhetoric being spewed across our newspapers and airwaves, the level of emotion on the Health Care Bill has reached a fever pitch. I will not waste space discussing all the false information being tossed about, but a few facts should be obvious.

First, we all agree that Health Care and health insurance coverage needs improvement, because many fellow citizens are under-served and it is just too darn expensive. Insurance companies must be held accountable, and their services must be made available across State lines.

The recent elections in Virginia and New Jersey clearly announced the growing fears of the electorate regarding our current economic uncertainties. Democracy is defined as government that responds to the will of the public. I do not see that happening, because what little I do know about the pending legislation is that the Bills are trying to address far more than what is necessary, and they are including provisions that are not supported by the will of the people.

My local newspaper ran a poll today, and they asked a simple question. Is a national health care insurance mandate constitutional? The answer shows that the people in my community do not think so. They voted and say that 22% think it is constitutional, but 78% think it is un-constitutional.

Apparently our government leaders and our President do not read newspapers. Thus, we the people are going to get shoved down our throats what they want and not what we want. I suggest they take a close look at what happened when politicians did not follow the will of the people in New Jersey and Virginia.


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