Monday, November 16, 2009


Just like many of you I religiously view the network and cable Sunday morning talk programs. After many years of growing frustration I ask the question, “Why do the guests not answer direct questions?

Having been in the television business for over forty years I know the answer, but it does not solve the problem. The guests do not answer the questions, because they probably would lose their jobs if they responded honestly. Politics is a shady business, and honesty does not provide career longevity.

Just once I would love to see a moderator have the guts to stop the interview, and just walk off the set after announcing that due to the guest’s repeated failure to answer the questions, the remainder of the interview was cancelled. After all, guests, particularly Hollywood types, do this all the time when being interviewed. It would be most refreshing if we could see the political interviewer do the same.

Were that to happen the host would probably be terminated, because the network or station would lose significant revenue, and few if any politicians or political operatives would ever appear on future programs. Maybe we all would be better off if someone would fire a shot over the bow of all the guests to answer the questions with one word answers or start telling the truth without spin.

Frankly, I am not sure I can continue to watch the drivel we are subjected to every Sunday and on most week day interview programs. Maybe this is the real reason for falling ratings.

Recently I received an email from a friend suggesting we all go to the polls in November 2010 to vote every member of the House of Representatives, and the 33 Senators up for re-election out of office. Then, as the next two-thirds of the Senate come up for re-election, we vote them out too. Within the following four years we could be dealing with an entirely new Congress.

This would surely send a strong message that the electorate will no longer put up with the greedy, disingenuous, deceitful, behavior of our 20th century politicians. This is the opportunity to lay down the gauntlet and show the people have awakened to the 21st century.

Were our leaders and their so-called advisors to give honest answers, we may not like what we hear, but they might just earn our long absent respect and admiration. While I don’t think it has never been tried, I believe a program requiring honest and direct questions and answers would be welcome.

Remember, we voted these clowns into office. We can vote into office women and men of impeccable character who deserve our support. Individually we fail, but collectively we win. This can be accomplished if we join forces for a secure, rewarding, honest future.


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