Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The election in up-state New York and the voting for the governor’s offices in both New Jersey and Virginia are thankfully over. Today the Republicans are running around with exaggerated claims of total victory considering they really won in two-thirds of the big contests. The Democrats are spinning their position, and ignoring the fact that a newly awakened group of voters have spoken.

Certainly the results in New Jersey and Virginia have sent a signal to the Obama administration that dark storm clouds are forming on their political horizon. It will be necessary for the Democrats to step back, and consider a slower approach to taking advantage of chaos. The senior citizens and the Tea Party crowd are obviously a force to be reckoned with for the long-term interests of both parties. The media has finally recognized that the sad state of our economy is a key issue in the electorate’s mindset.

Wouldn’t you have liked to have been a little mouse hiding in the corner of the Oval Office this morning when President Barack Obama and his inner-circle met for a morning-after council? Somebody will pay for the failure to deliver the desired poll results, and it will not be pretty. Your Commander suggests that all-knowing Rahm Emanuel, and David Axelrod have some questions to answer, and they will be required to eat a healthy dose of crow. Hold on to your seat because the spin doctors will be working over-time in the days ahead.

It is clearly apparent that the base of Obama’s supporters in the minority, youth, and the Independent voter communities are fickle, because they voted in substantially lower numbers or switched parties in these elections. Why? Hopefully the strong voices that did speak will have sufficient influence to slow-down the madness surrounding the excessively expensive Health Bill legislation, and the Cap and Trade Bill, among other Democrat causes. Do you suppose that Washington got the word that America wants them to stop spending money, and act responsibility?

The Blue Dog Democrats will not be sleeping well tonight, and yesterday’s elections just may be the needed arrow into the heart of the Obama administration’s conceit.


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