Friday, November 20, 2009


Not being a subscriber to Newsweek I happened to read the recent copy with Sarah Palin on the cover while visiting my son in Texas. Additionally I have been reading John Meacham’s best selling book about President Andrew Jackson, Meacham is the top dog at Newsweek.

What first struck me was the fact that Newsweek has changed its format and content significantly since I last read an issue. What used to be a magazine covering very current news, it is now a magazine that contains essentially essays about topics of the day with very liberal vent. Right off the bat Meacham does a smear job of Palin in his “Top of the Week” column, and then the cover article on Palin is a similar liberal “over the top” analysis. I guess Meacham is taking the magazine to the far left, so he is losing me as a possible subscriber.

I think it is important to state that I am not a particular fan of Sarah Palin, but she does appeal to a large number of people who are very conservative, and many who are seriously concerned about the direction President Obama is steering the country. Palin is expressing words that appeal to a growing number, because they so dislike the drivel we are getting out of the Washington talking heads. Palin talks sense, and Washington talks double-speak. Personally I do not think Palin is qualified to be our President, but she does have a following. It is highly unlikely that she is a viable candidate, but she will sell one hell of a lot of books along the way.

While I am knocking Newsweek for their diversion to opinion pieces and an essay style of content I do not fail to recognize the fact that it is very similar to the type of writing that is presented in FrobertTWorld commentaries. So be it, because I do not charge one thin dime, and my readers can take it or leave it at anytime without spending their hard earned money. I just do not like a magazine to tell me they are a “news" entity when they are something else.


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