Thursday, September 23, 2010


If you missed Paul Hewitt’s article of this date at I suggest you take a peek by hitting the attached link.

While I suspect that it is far too early to suggest that the wheels are coming off the Obama administration limo, it is clear that there is great upheaval within the halls of the White House. I believe that several of the inhabitants are jumping ship before getting painted by the brush of election failures this November. Clearly the knives are out of their sleeves, and they are now in self-preservation mode.

Today’s release of a Republican Manifesto is clearly an effort long overdue, but seems to be a little late to generate the maximum desired effect. What little I have heard about it thus far sounds a little thin, but time will tell.

The recent announcement that the City of Chicago’s long serving Mayor Richard M. Daley will not seek re-election has set off a scramble of divergent forces from that city to Washington D.C. The long knives are being sharpened for what promises to be a bloody war for control of a fiefdom that guarantees vast fortunes for the knighted one.

Yesterday’s news of potential mayoral candidate Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.’s after hours dalliances is not a surprise, and may have saved Chicago from a period of unbelievable abuse and corruption. The acorn does not fall from the tree that shades his father, The Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Your Commander can’t wait until next Monday’s release of politically renowned author Bob Woodward’s new book “OBAMA’S WARS.” I am certainly anxious to read all the details that even White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is trying his best, but failing, to positively spin.

In the meantime you can take a look at Steve Luxenberg’s review of the book from today’s Washington Post at:

Based upon the first newspaper reviews, I am most concerned that President Obama wants an exit strategy in Afghanistan without emphasis on winning the War. If we are not there to win, why are we there losing the lives of loved American soldiers? In fairness I want to read the entire book, but I am most anxious to learn the full context of his quoted remark, “I can’t lose the whole Democratic Party.”

If that statement says what I suspect, Obama is playing politics with the lives of our brave young men and women and abrogating his Oath of Office. While I know politics impacts presidential decision making, I firmly believe that once an individual becomes our president, the role as leader should elevate the interests of the entire nation above party political considerations. The quotes I have seen thus far in Woodward’s book are extremely troubling to your Commander. It is one (bad) thing to announce our exit date to the enemy, but to put the lives of our soldiers at risk founded upon political considerations is unconscionable.

Once I have read “Obama’s Wars” I will write a review. Enough vetting of my spleen for today.


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