Friday, September 3, 2010


The Chicago Sun-Times recently reported that a South Side man was arrested for the 58th time when he was caught stealing from a women’s purse while she was shopping downtown. Reginald McNeil’s rap sheet includes arrests for pickpocketing, theft, and attempted theft.

McNeil has been arrested now three times just this summer! He is still permitted to roam the streets of the city. How can the judicial system continue to permit this career criminal the ability to ply his trade without extended confinement and serious consequences?

It would seem to me that during these times of economic strife, those perpetrators of petty crime such as this could and should be placed in programs that will provide sufficient supervision and some direct benefit to the local community. Why couldn’t McNeil pickup litter on the streets of the City, clean toilets in public washrooms, or work on the back of a City of Chicago Dump truck picking up garbage?

Individuals of this nature are not a danger to the average citizen, but should be required to pay their debt to society by working for minimum wages, without pension contributions during the adjudicated time frame. I would even go so far as suggesting the re-institution of the old fashion chain gangs, which could be a good deterrent. This would save the city money since the high cost of incarceration and employee benefit packages have placed the City in the dire financial position that it finds itself today.

Maybe I am just being logical. Apparently Chicago politicians accept this behavior and would not support my recommendations. They do not want to stop theft or save money as long as McNeil votes and votes often.

As a Sun-Times blogger noted; “So it’s root! Root root for the burglars if they don’t win it’s a shaaaame. For it’s one! Two! Fifty-eight strikes you’re out, at the old ball, game!!” I am ashamed to admit that I am a native of this Cesspool City of corruption.


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